Following these steps

  1. Add & Check Proxy
  2. Test a Url with checked Proxy
  3. Add Request Urls
  4. Start

Add & Check Proxy

Guuds Web Helper is a http based automated web test program, current it only support HTTP proxy, if you want to use proxy to do your web test, you need fetch and check the proxy address to ensure that the web address can be accessed success.

Guuds Web Helper use headless web browser to ensure the js can run with the browser, like a chrome or firefox browser.

First, start the Guuds Web Helper program, and click the "Proxy" button

On the Proxy List window, you can add proxy list by yourself or fetch them with the from Guuds Web Helper
GuudsWebHelper Check Proxy

Proxy list must be in "ip:port" format, eg. "", separated all the proxy list by lines

You should check the proxy list before you can use them, enter your website address and one or more words from your website, and start check proxy, all usefull proxy address will be add to the proxy list pool, and can be used on the main window

Test a Url with checked Proxy

Close or minimize the "Proxy List" window, and back to the main window, you can start test the url and proxy now
GuudsWebHelper Test a Url with Proxy

Add Request Urls

Add one or more urls what you want to test on the "Setting" window. If you want to save the website screenshot, you need to choose a save folder
GuudsWebHelper Settings

The proxy list pool will be showed on the "Setting" window, include total request count, error count. Note that the proxy address may be removed from the proxy list pool after 5 consecutive failures
GuudsWebHelper View Proxy Log

Also a list for all the urls request log available on the "Setting" window
GuudsWebHelper View Url Log


The Guuds Web Helper defult start with 5 threads, if you want increase or decrease the thread size, you can choose a thread size before you start
GuudsWebHelper Start

Important: Before quitting the program, click the stop button and wait for all threads to stop
GuudsWebHelper Stop